ad-hockery: /ad·hok'@r·ee/, n.
Gratuitous assumptions... which lead to the appearance of semi-intelligent behavior but are in fact entirely arbitrary. Jargon File

Articles tagged ‘spock’

Data-driven variation with Spock

Spock’s where: block is commonly used with a data table but can also be driven by any Iterable data. It’s worth bearing in mind that the data driving the where: block doesn’t have to be hardcoded, it can be dynamic. For example, today we implemented a spec to ensure that every table in our database schema has a primary key (because it’s required by HA-JDBC and not automatically added by GORM on join tables).

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Auto-generate Spock specs for Grails artifacts

When creating artifacts such as domain classes, controllers and tag libs Grails generates a JUnit test case. If, like me, you’re digging writing specifications with Spock you’d probably rather have Grails generate one of those. The last thing I want is to manually transform every generated test case into a specification for every artifact I create.

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