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Articles tagged ‘rxjava’

Testing the RxJava poller

Yesterday I posted about an implementation of a simple remote service polling mechanism using RxJava. One of the things I particularly liked when applying this pattern at work was how straightforward it was to unit test.

Often when dealing with asynchronous processing unit testing can be pretty painful. Typically you need to use a mechanism such as Java’s CountDownLatch or Spock’s BlockingVariables or PollingConditions to synchronize threads before making assertions. Allowing processing to run asynchronously, especially when testing scheduled activity can make tests very slow as well.

Ideally tests the asynchronous nature of the code is abstracted and the timer can be faked out. This is exactly the approach that RxJava takes.

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Simple background polling with RxJava

I’ve done odd bits of playing around with RxJava before but never dived into it very deeply. Today I wanted to re-implement an unreliable background polling operation and Tomás Lin suggested I look at using RxJava. This may be an obvious implementation to some but I had to do a bit of experimentation (and searching Stack Overflow) to come up with it.

Imagine we’re polling a web-service regularly. The service returns a JSON array of independent items (think events since last poll, Tweets with a particular hashtag or something similar). We want to do some processing (filtering, parsing to a type) on each item and then pass them off to a handler.

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