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Articles tagged ‘angular’

Decoupling from the DOM with Angular

One piece of advice you’ll run into pretty soon when working with Angular is that you should never touch the DOM outside of a directive. Especially when test-driving your components this is pretty wise. The great strength of Angular is the declarative way in which the view (HTML) works with the view model (Angular controllers). It’s almost absurd how easy it is to unit test Angular controllers. Controller functions tend to act on $scope properties, trigger or respond to events and all those things are straightforward to replicate in unit tests.

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Unit testing Angular directives that use controller and templateUrl

I spent an hour or so this morning figuring out how to unit test an Angular directive that uses a controller and a template loaded from a file (as opposed to inline). There’s a useful example in the ng-directive-testing repository but I thought a quick summary would be useful (as much to remind me the next time I have to do it as anything). Also the examples there test by interacting with DOM elements rather than directly with the directive’s scope.

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Dynamic templates in Angular routes

We’re building an application where content can be published using different layouts selected by an editor. In Angular this translates to a situation where the same route & controller will need to display content from the same $http endpoint using a range of different templates. The name of the template is included in the JSON data returned by the $http endpoint so it’s not known at the time the route is triggered.

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