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Deprecating Grails plugins

I’ve written a number of Grails plugins and the fact is that some of them are effectively unsupported. I’ve only got so much time & I’m juggling work, family, conference speaking, my own projects and open source. Any plugin development I do is going to be driven by the requirements of work or other projects, so even those plugins I still consider as supported might not get updated as often as some people would like.

I’m no longer supporting…

I’m hoping to continue with…

  • The Fields plugin. It seems popular & certainly caters to a pain point. That said I’m not using it directly on anything else I’m working on so it’s not a huge priority for me.

  • The Joda Time plugin. I think it’s important and deserves to have first-class support in Grails. The java.util.Date and java.util.Calendar classes are, to put it mildly, problematic for a whole host of reasons. I’m currently experiencing some frustration trying to integrate the plugin with the unit testing framework in Grails 2+ but I would like to get a new version of the plugin out at some point.

  • Angular scaffolding. This is as-yet unreleased but I’d like to work some more on it.

  • Betamax. I’ve done a bunch of work on the next version but have got sidetracked with other things recently. I hope to pick this up again soon.

If anyone wants to take over my abandoned projects, please get in touch. I’ll be happy to hand you the keys to the GitHub repos.

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