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Querying By Association With Grails Criteria

A common requirement is to select all instances of a domain class where one of its many-to-many associations contains a particular instance of another domain class. Consider these domain classes where a Ship has a crew composed of Pirate`s and any particular `Pirate can be a part of the crew of several Ships:

class Ship {
   static hasMany = [crew: CrewMember]
   String name

class CrewMember {
   static belongsTo = [ship: Ship]
   Pirate pirate

class Pirate {
   String name

How can we use a criteria query to find all the Ship instances where a particular Pirate is a member of the crew?

You might think it’s pretty simple, surely:

Ship.withCriteria {
   crew {
       eq('pirate', blackbeard)

However, this has a curious side-effect. For example:

Ship.withSession {session ->
   blackbeard = new Pirate(name: 'Blackbeard')
   jack = new Pirate(name: 'Calico Jack')
   bart = new Pirate(name: 'Black Bart')
   [blackbeard, jack, bart]*.save()

   def ship1 = new Ship(name: "Queen Anne's Revenge")
   ship1.addToCrew new CrewMember(pirate: blackbeard)
   ship1.addToCrew new CrewMember(pirate: jack)

   def ship2 = new Ship(name: "Royal Fortune")
   ship2.addToCrew new CrewMember(pirate: blackbeard)
   ship2.addToCrew new CrewMember(pirate: bart)

   def ship3 = new Ship(name: "The Treasure")
   ship3.addToCrew new CrewMember(pirate: jack)
   ship3.addToCrew new CrewMember(pirate: bart)

   [ship1, ship2, ship3]*.save()


def blackbeardsShips = Ship.withCriteria {
   crew {
       eq('pirate', blackbeard)
blackbeardsShips.each {
   println "$ ${', ')}"

You might expect the output to be:

Queen Anne's Revenge: Blackbeard, Calico Jack
Royal Fortune: Blackbeard, Black Bart

but it is actually:

Queen Anne's Revenge: Blackbeard
Royal Fortune: Blackbeard

The criteria query has restricted the content of the associations to only the ones matching the eq('pirate', blackbeard) criterion. This is quite a problem as it may well not be immediately obvious that it’s happened and even using ships*.refresh() (which would be a horrible hack, especially if we were likely to get more than a couple of results) doesn’t seem to restore the missing entries. I don’t think there is any criterion that does a contains type match for a persistent collection. My guess is this problem isn’t a Grails thing but a Hibernate thing - Grails' HibernateCriteriaBuilder is a very thin layer over Hibernate itself.

In this example there is an alternative as the association is bi-directional. We can query from the other side of the association:

def blackbeardsShips = CrewMember.withCriteria {
   projections {
   eq('pirate', blackbeard)

If the association wasn’t bidirectional this wouldn’t be possible and we’d probably have to resort to using HQL to make the query exhibit the correct behaviour.

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